OnBed DX

mbed compatible supports LPC810/1114(DIP!!!) with Arduino R3 pinout!
OnBed DX
  • You can make as many mbed as you like at super-discount $3.00 (LPC810 is $2.50) !
  • You can develop this in mbed.org
  • You can use the serial of FT232RL and CP2102.
  • As it is OnBoard style, you can insert this into breadboard directly and this has no cables.
  • As it is pinout and 5V input available, Shield is available.
    (Hardware compatible,not software compatible)
  • As this machine reset automatically after writing flash, it began programming promptly.
    (You need to pushing reset in mbed)
  • There is general-purpose switches. (Press to Low)
  • There are two general-purpose LEDs. (DP14,DP28)
  • Supports external crystal.
  • Supports drycell batteries.
How to use.
See this page.
FTDI & BreadboardHeaderRight-angle male header 33pinsFTDI(6pins)+Breadboard(27pins)
XTALShunt jumper.1"2for LPC810 select
IC1AVRATmega3281Bootloader needed
LPC1114IC socket28pin , 0.6" Row Spacing1
JP2Header40pin , 0.6" Row Spacing or 40pin IC socket30pinsFor breadboard
XTALResonator16MHz1if needed
Crystal16MHz1if needed
C1,C2Capacitor18pF2when using crystal
LPC810Header2x21for LPC810 select
LPC810IC Socket8pin , 0.3" Row Spacing1for LPC810
Rounded IC socket40pin , 0.6" Row Spacing or 40pin IC socket1for FTDI serial
HeaderRight-Angle Female6pinsfor CP2102 serial
HT7750Step-up DC-DC ConverterHT77501when using 5V & shield
C3Capacitor Tantalum47uF1when using 5V & shield
C7Capacitor Tantalum22uF1when using 5V & shield
D1SBD1N58171when using 5V & shield
L1Inductor47uH1when using 5V & shield
BATT1Battery holderBH2AA-PC1when using 5V & shield
SW1Slide switchEG19031
How to Build.

Basic configuration (without Arduino Shield & 5V)
OnBed DX 1B

Using external crystal
Connect crystal,C1 & C2 or resonator.

Using Shield & 5V
Connect HT7750A,C3,C7 (You can use SMD 22uF of C5,C6,C7 instead of C3,C7). Tantalum capacitor is recommended.
Schottky diode(SBD),Inductor.

Using Drycell Battery
Connect Battery holder.
How to connect various serial.
Please choice  the serial adapter below.
LPC needs RTS function, so we can not use general FTDI adaptor (ex.FTDI BASIC)
Choice 2 : CP2102
6Pin USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module Serial Converter CP2102 STC Replace Ft232 Module <$2.50

Connect RTS to OnBed.

Connect CP2102 to this connector.
5V output test.


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