OnBed *simple*

Simple mbed clone!
  • This is not official mbed Platform but!
  • You can make as many mbed as you like at super-discount $ 2.50 (LPC810 is $ 1.50)!
  • You can develop this in mbed.org
  • You can choice the serial of FT232RL and CP2102 module.
  • As it is OnBoard style, you can insert this into bredboard directly and this has no cables.
  • As this machine reset automatically after writing flash, it began programming promptly. (You need to pushing reset in mbed)
  • There is general-purpose switches. (Press to Low)
    It is not clear how to use the DP3&12.

How to use

  1. See this page.
  2. Using FlashMagic,Specify HEX and press Start.(Button indicated with green)
  3. Red frame is set up according to indication; blue frame, according to your own environment.

    Options→ DTR and RTS will be used as Advanced Options.

  4. Blink on OnBed
    LPC810’s LED is connected to P0_0.
    As for OnBed & *simple*, because P0_0 pin is connected to the serial TX, the serial LED blinks.

  1. 1x OnBed *simple* PCB
  2. Please choice the serial adapter below.
    1. Choice 1 : AKIZUKI AE-FT231X 750円
    2.  Choice 2 : FT232RL with RTS

      FT232RL FTDI 3.3V 5.5V USB to TTL Serial Adapter Module for Arduino Mini Port < $4.00

    3. Choice 3 : CP2102 with RTS

      6Pin USB 2.0 to TTL UART Module Serial Converter CP2102 STC Replace Ft232 Module < $2.50

      Connect RTS to OnBed *simple*

      Connect the CP2102 to this connector.


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