Earn extra income from buying and selling crypto

Onboard offers smart, simple peer-to-peer trading. As a merchant, you can safely sell crypto to a larger market of users in just a few simple taps. No markups. No hidden fees.

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How Onboard Works

With Onboard you can generate income and start your business in minutes. No transaction fees. No limits

Step 1

Become a merchant

Create an account and complete the steps to provide your ID for verification.

Step 2

Creates Ads

Set your preferred rates and what asset you'd like to trade. Crypto or fiat.

Step 3

Start Trading

Onboard matches you with verified customers who match your trading preferences.

Step 4

Get paid

Once you and your pair confirm that fiat transfer is complete, your crypto will be released. Transaction complete!

Onboard goes overboard with security

Onboard's blockchain technology is in line with global best practice and has been audited and approved by external auditors

Why become an Onboard Merchant?

Onboard makes peer-to-peer payments fast, easy and trustworthy.

Speed & ease

Send cash or crypto to anyone in seconds. It’s as easy as a bank transfer.


You don’t need to share any sensitive information.


Onboard is designed to ensure that sellers and buyers are safe. All transactions on Onboard require approval from both parties. In the event of a dispute, fairness is our priority.


Onboard provides more secure cash to crypto options for you. You state your own rates and choose what transactions you want, when you want them.

We’ve also answered some Frequently Asked Questions here:

What is a non-custodial wallet?

You have a non-custodial wallet if you have sole control of the private keys, as well as the public keys for the wallet. Examples of non-custodial wallets include Metamask and Trustwallet. In contrast if you are using crypto exchange such as Coinbase the crypto wallet you likely have is a custodial wallet. With custodial wallets you do not have control of the private keys.

What is an escrow account?

Escrow accounts are important for ensuring secure transactions on Onboard. When you initiate a transaction, the crypto is moved into an Onboard escrow. It is only released when both the buyer and seller confirm that the fiat transaction has been completed.

Why do I need to provide my wallet when I sign up to Onboard?

Much like when you sign up to a new website you have to provide your email (as it represents a way for us to identify you from other users), for many crypto companies wallets have the same significance. On Onboard we ask you to provide your wallet for this reason. The wallet you use to sign-up with is also used to create your first escrow account and is where any crypto from that escrow is withdrawn to.

Are there transaction limits on Onboard?

There are no limits for a single transaction. However, as a Merchant, you can not process more than $2,000 daily

What is an ad?

Only merchants can create ads. An ad is where merchants set out the terms of trade i.e. what crypto you want to buy or sell, how much and at what price. It may take multiple transactions (or what we call orders) with customers to complete a single ad.